Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Self-Evaluation First

Relationships tend to form ‘at their own level.’ Meaning you tend to be attractive to others in terms of friendship (and attracted to others) who are at similar levels of personal development, emotional intelligence, and self-actualization. Consequently, I find it very helpful to step back periodically and view myself as a potential friend with as much objectivity as possible. The characteristics I value and have honed in my own life, tend to be the once that gravitate toward me and to whom I gravitate. I also evaluate the relationships around me. Remember, you are evaluating relationships not to ‘throw them away,’ per se. You only have room for quality time with a few close friends, however, and need to select with care who you want to be your Plus Four and your family-of-choice. Evaluating your relationships can be key to your health, happiness, longevity, and success. Imagine that you’re looking at yourself from the perspective of a third person who wants to be friends with you Would you match your description of a desirable relationship? More Tomorrow.

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