Thursday, September 24, 2015

Humor and Mirthful Laughter

Most people learn a sense of humor during childhood. What did you learn? Have you honed a good sense of humor or is your motto ‘life is hard and then you die?’ The brain is born with the mental function of humor—but it needs to be developed. Does yours need to be rebuilt and expanded? Laugh and last as the saying goes. It’s important to be serious about life but not take every little thing that happens too seriously. On the other hand, putting others down through unkind or disparaging humor or laughter is unacceptable. Do your friends embarrass you in public and then laugh it off saying, ‘I was just kidding.’ The ability to laugh at yourself and the vagaries of life is key to a balanced journey. Are you able to laugh when you take a wrong turn and enjoy the scenery on your ‘detour?’ Are you okay if you are the only person laughing in a given situation, knowing that every brain on the planet is unique? I choose to hang out with people in my free time who are smart, have a good sense of humor and laugh a lot, and have similar life goals. More tomorrow.

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