Friday, September 25, 2015

Longevity Lifestyle

I aim to live at least 122 years and 164 days—with good mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. This means I pay attention to how much sleep I give my brain and body, what I ingest in terms of food and beverages, the physical exercise and mental stimulation I receive every day, my mental attitude, and so on. A social support system with similar goals is very helpful, as is reinforces each other’s goals and aspirations. Unfortunately, the flip side is also true. There are people I enjoy seeing once in a while but who are not part of my family-of-choice or my Plus Four—because we are on decidedly differing lifestyle journeys. Take obesity, for example. Researchers have discovered that people whose close friends were obese were fifty-seven percent more likely to become obese, as well. That’s a pretty high price tag to pay for friendship, seeing as obesity is associated with more than 50 diseases and increases one’s risk for dementia. 

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