Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Obedience – Administering Electric Shock, 2

Fast forward to 2015 when a group of Polish scientists who decided to repeat Milgram’s experiments. Dr Tomasz Grzyb, a study author, reported that the results are just as surprising in this century as they were in the last. Eighty people participated in the study. Researchers found that 90% of participants went all the way to the maximum level of electrocution after being ‘ordered’ to do so by the experimenter. Grzyb said that half a century after Milgram’s original research into obedience to authority, a striking majority of subjects are still willing to electrocute a helpless individual. He also reported that upon learning about Milgram’s original experiments, a vast majority of people claimed, “I would never behave in such a manner.” Nevertheless, this repeat study has illustrated again the tremendous power of a situation in which the participants are confronted with obedience demands and how easily they can agree to things which they find unpleasant. Ask yourself, “What you would do if repeatedly ordered to give a strong electric shock to a helpless stranger?”

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