Friday, June 1, 2018

Teaching EQ to Children, 3

Four core emotions can be seen on the face of the fetus during pregnancy based on what it happening to the mother emotionally:
·         Joy—a signal that all is going quite well in life. It provides energy to live life to its fullness; when problems arise, you know you have the tools / support network to handle them, which give you some calm assurance
·         Anger—a signal that your boundaries have been invaded. It provides information and energy to create and implement appropriate personal limits
·         Fear—a signal that you may be in some type of danger (real or imagined). It provides information and energy to help you take steps to protect yourself and those you love.
·         Sadness—a signal that you have suffered a loss. It provides information and energy to help you grieve the loss, recover, (learn to feel better), and move back to joy.
You are not responsible for every emotion that surfaces, Typically you are responsible for those that arise based on what you put into your brain (e.g., what you see, hear, watch, read . . .), as well as identifying your feelings and choosing either to hang onto them or to change them by altering the way you are thinking. And, finally, for the behaviors you exhibit and the actions you take. More tomorrow.

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