Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Role-modeling Joy to Children

1.   Identify things or situations for which you can express: Appreciation, Contentment, Gratitude, and Happiness. The more you recognize small “joys” in life the more you program the dopamine circuits in The Brain Reward System to respond to them

2.   Verbalize often: I am glad about . . . Life is good . . . How beautiful this _________ is . . .You are valuable just because you exist . . . I am happy you are part of my family . . .  

3.   Consistently exhibit congruence: pleasant, happy face, and an open relaxed posture

4. Choose to smile frequently: your smiles help a child feel valuable, cherished, and safe. When you smile, it often elicits smiles in others, in your child. Avoid trying to act euphoric on an ongoing basis. Euphoria involves genuine brief episodes of intense joy that cannot be sustained (e.g., straight lined) without an addictive behavior.
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