Monday, September 10, 2018

Internet and Blogging

Well, life is certainly interesting. I’ve been on several lecture tours lately, one very recently. There was Internet available. However, my computer kept giving me a message that the “internet strength” was insufficient to upload blogs. Hmmm. That was a first. If you signed up to have my weekday blogs sent to your email, I regret there was a gap of a week. As soon as I finish the Brain Health presentations on September 15 in Redondo Beach, I’ll get caught up on blogging. Having experienced more airline travel this year than usual, I’ve had the opportunity to read or hear some anecdotes, a few that really tickled my funny bone! I’ll fill in the missing days with some of them. Enjoy!

·       Passenger: I need an aisle seat on this flight. I certainly don’t want my hair to get messed up from being near a window.
Agent: Ma’am, we will get you an aisle seat as far from a window as possible.

·       Passenger: I want to book a flight to Canada. It’ll be my first visit. I  can see England from there, right?

Agent. See England from Canada? No, you can’t.

    Passenger: Why ever not? They look so close to each other on
    the map!

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