Friday, September 28, 2018

Pyroluria History

Reportedly, Pyroluria was first identified in the 1950s and explained as a metabolic disorder. Under stressful conditions (and there may be a genetic link) individuals may become pyridoxine (better known as Vitamin B6) and zinc deficient (with perhaps abnormalities in the metabolism of other metals). As with many other disorders, Pyroluria can cause real symptoms in real people, can contribute to unexplained depression, and can be a serious problem. Interestingly, some say that individuals such as Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, and Charles Darwin all exhibited classic signs of pyroluria. Symptoms may include: ‘brain fog,’ severe mood swings, low libido, fluid retention, hormone imbalances, difficulty with effective stress control, extreme anxiety, poor short-term memory, absence of dream recall, sensitivity to light and noise, suppressed immune function, abnormal fat distribution, inability to tan, lack of hunger at breakfast … Bottom line: a potential contributor to depression.

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