Monday, January 6, 2020

Adjustment Disorder, 3

Treatment for Adjustment Disorders usually does not involve medication—but it typically does require clinical treatment in order to deal effectively with the symptoms. That may be one reason fore the name: the individual is having difficulty "adjusting" to dealing with a stressor or knowing how to cope effectively. It is also important to realize that the symptoms of AD differ in children and adolescents when compared with those of adults and elderly individuals. As far as I know there is no one “best” treatment for AD, because each person’s response to his or her perceived stressor differs. So, what can be done? First, identify the individual’s stressor(s). Second, find a good counselor who is knowledgeable about adjustment disorders. Contract for some sessions to get help in avoiding the stressor, if possible. If not, then obtain help in building skills to better deal with the stressor that cannot be avoided, including working on a healthier emotional response, and identifying a support system to assist the person in coping more successfully. Sometimes joining a “group” for a period of time can also be beneficial. More tomorrow.

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