Monday, January 27, 2020

Brain Friends

I’m confused about friendships. I’ve known some people for decades and yet when we get together it seems there’s little if any real connection. Maybe there is no such thing as true friendship.

Oh, I think there is, but it is more about a brain connection than anything else. I’ve learned that true friendship is not necessarily about the people whom you’ve known the longest. People change. They are on differing growth and developmental paths. What keeps people together and in touch is more about how your brains connect than how long you have known them. It’s about the ones who hung in there with you through thick and thin, who never left your side emotionally, who accepted you just as you are, who have your back, and were willing to grow along with you. There is a richness that can occur with that type of friendship that is like no other. When you connect with someone like that, all things being equal, I want to hang in there with them and I want them to hang in there with me.

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