Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Brain Knowledge

I’ve heard you speak and have read some of your materials—they’re great. However, I’ve been studying the brain for years, myself, and am quite knowledgeable about the brain and its parts. You need to convince me that living a Longevity Lifestyle would make any positive difference to my life.

First, I never try to convince anyone about anything. A brain convinced against its will is of the same opinion still. I have no idea what you know about the science of brain function and it is a science--knowing about the brain and its parts is different from understanding how the brain functions best. There is  brain-based science to staying younger and healthier for longer—that is what the Longevity Lifestyle Program is all about. And it does make a difference to people who get on board with a lifestyle change for the rest of their life. For most people, it’s never too late to begin. As Gary Small, MD, author of The Memory Bible put it: “As soon as you start to change your lifestyle for the better, you’ll begin to repair yesterday’s damage.” If you’re already doing this, Bravo. Keep on keeping on . . .

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