Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Brain and Blogs

I read your blogs regularly and am learning a lot. However, every once in a while (like today!) you miss a day. Fortunately, you catch up quickly but I want to know what happens to make you miss a day?

What happens? In a word: LIFE! I really dislike missing a day or two—fortunately, I am usually able to catch up quickly. What happens? I may be in another part of the world, the plane is delayed, or there is no available Wi-Fi. Or a friend of mine suddenly has a crisis and asks me if I can possibly help out, which I am happy to do. However, in order to stay healthy and keep my life in balance, I choose to go straight to bed after the emergency is under control. Or PG&E turned off electricity for several days . . . or my computer crashed very unexpectedly . . . I am glad to know you are learning things. You (and people like you) are the reason I keep writing blogs . . .

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