Thursday, March 4, 2021


Recently I read two different articles that said two different things: one said that children fill one’s life with joy and meaning and that parents tend to be happier than non-parents. The other said that a mother’s parenting style could contribute to the woman being more depressed and finding less satisfaction in life. How can that be?

It likely comes down to mothering styles. Some hover over their children almost constantly, micromanaging them, keeping them busy every waking moment, and at times almost acting as 24/7 “servant,” or even living vicariously through their offspring. Some well-meaning mothers want to give their child(ren) the best of everything, including everything the mother felt she missed growing up. They fill their child’s time with so many lessons and events and activities that the kids themselves can feel overwhelmed, become exhausted, lose their zest for living, and become depressed. More tomorrow. 

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