Thursday, March 11, 2021

Siblings: How different are they, 4

I have always felt “less than” because of family comments such as: “Don’t know where that one came from . . .nothing like the rest of the family. Just saying!” Thank you so much!

 You are so welcome. My own experience was somewhat similar. In my case it was: “If she didn’t look so much like her father, I would think they had sent the wrong baby home with me from the hospital.” I went away to college at age 17 and never returned home to live—partly because I felt so “different.” Initially—and unfortunately—I put that down to likely having a lower IQ than the rest of the family members (again from comments about my ideas being “dumb.”) this vantage point I can recognize how who I am must have been a big puzzle for my family—I can laugh about it now. We each only know what we know. Knowledge has power—one reason for continuing to gain knowledge. As we know better, we can live better. Congratulations on owning your own uniqueness.

The findings were published online by Cambridge University Press, Behavioral and Brain Sciences. According to the abstract, the authors hope the information “draws attention to the far-reaching implications of finding that psychologically relevant environmental influences make children in a family different from, not similar to, one another.” 

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