Thursday, March 18, 2021

Siblings: How different are they, 9

Both my parents had favorites—the kids who were more like them. I resembled my mother’s older sister. They did not get along so you can imagine how I fared! I would like to dump the stress of unforgiveness. What to do? They are both deceased.  End Quote:

 You may want to do what many have done. Look at a picture of your parent and say aloud what you would say at this stage in your life were they still alive. For example:

 “Mother, growing up I felt different from the rest of the family. Felt like I did not fit in. I forgive you for the way you treated me—likely out of ignorance and linked with your own issues. I have learned that most people do the best they can at the time with what they know. Thank you for the good things you did do for me. I am mindful and appreciative of them.”

More tomorrow.

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