Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Neurobiology Research

I heard there is a study that said Neurobiology Research is shedding light on the differences between heterosexual brain and non-heterosexual brains. Do you know about it and what does it mean?

 The reference is below as reported via Karolinska Institute. The study was done in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and King’s College London, UK. What does it mean? According to the researchers, “patterns important for classifying between males and females were less pronounced in nonheterosexuals . . . These findings support a neurobiological basis to the differences in human sexuality.”

Crosssex shifts in two brain imaging phenotypes and their relation to polygenic scores for samesex sexual behavior: A study of 18,645 individuals from the UK Biobank” by Christoph Abé, Alexander Lebedev, Ruyue Zhang, Lina Jonsson, Sarah E. Bergen, Martin Ingvar, Mikael Landén, Qazi Rahman. Human Brain Mapping 

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