Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Stress Linked with Depression, 2

There are two nuclei accumbens, one located near each hippocampus in each hemisphere of the brain. Part of the Brain Reward System, these two little structures release serotonin, the “feel better” chemical. Ten percent of the serotonin is believed to be in the brain, with the remaining ninety percent distributed throughout the Gastrointestinal system. Some say that the strongest known risk-factor for depression is said to be a lifelong history of stress. According to researchers, early-life stress—depending on its intensity, timing, and other specific features—triggers a threefold increased risk of adult depression. Stress early in life has also been shown to increase a person’s “behavioral susceptibility” to stress later in life—increasing stress vulnerability. Therefore, it would stand to reason that if you had a stressful childhood—especially early childhood—it could be helpful to get serious about developing stress-management strategies and implementing them consistently. Researchers believe this information may lead to more effective therapies for depression.

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