Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Brain & Adult Attachment, 3

What happens when individuals develop a “disposable attitude” toward objects in a mobile society? Unfortunately, this seems in many cases to translate to a disposable attitude toward friendships. The brain tends to view them as replaceable, as well. And turning to close adult friendships, including romantic relationships, most individuals in a survey indicated they’d just move on if things got difficult rather than investing time and energy into trying to make this works. According to Dr. Gillath, these types of attitudes can be psychologically unhealthy. He says: “Only deeper high-quality ties provide us with the kind of support we need like love, understanding, and respect. You need these very close ties to feel safe and secure and function properly. If social ties are seen as disposable, you’re less likely to get what you need from your network, which can negatively affect your mental and physical health as well as your longevity.

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