Friday, January 12, 2018

Styles of Adult Attachment

For purposes of this discussion, three main attachment styles can be outlined as:

A - Anxious
B - Avoidant
C - Secure

The style you tend to develop is impacted by Nature: your genetic makeup. It is also impacted by Nurture, the type of parents you received from your parents (Nurture) At first blush this might sound like it is cast in stone but nothing could be further from the truth. Since at least a portion of your style is learned, identifying your primary style at this point in your life gives you the opportunity to take steps to relearn a style that is more beneficial. An Anxious attachment style is characterized about worry and anxiety about your attachment relationships. Contributors to an anxious attachment style (A) includes being parented in an environment of inconsistency, or where your parents exhibited anxiety, or where they tried to force their views on you and you felt pressure to conform (at least outwardly) to their perspectives. 

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