Monday, January 1, 2018

Brain Scans, 2

Brain Scans on individuals identified as having an Anxious (A) attachment style showed increased activation in brain areas associated with emotional arousal and decreased activation in areas that exercise control over emotional arousal. When asked to stop thinking about the situation, each group used a different strategy. Those with an Anxious (A) attachment style thought about a similar (although different) situation that continued the emotional arousal. Individuals identified as have an Avoidant (B) attachment style thought about something neutral that did not trigger emotional arousal. Individuals with a Secure (C) attachment style focused their thoughts on a happy experience or a time when they were in a “happy place” or environment. Compared with those were secure, the scans also revealed that people who were highly insecure had a smaller hippocampus, similar to that seen in the brains of individuals who experience PTSD from traumatic events. 

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