Monday, January 22, 2018

Brain and Multitasking

According to Sandra Bond Chapman PhD, “Without brain health you do not have health.” That underscores the increasing interest in brain health and its overall impact on a person’s life, to say nothing of the proliferation of studies related to brain health. She maintains that cognitive brain health declines because individuals let it decline as they fail to keep their frontal lobes as fit as possible. So what can you do? Stop trying to multitask, for one thing. In her book Make Your Brain Smarter, Chapman wrote (page 27): “Multitasking, a common practice for the populace a large, is definitely robbing us of frontal lobe brainpower and reducing is fitness. It is one of the most toxic things you can do to your brain and its health. Multitasking may be a chief culprit in destroying brain cells. We have all become addicted to technology and multitasking. But it is not a healthy addiction.”

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