Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s actually New Year’s and all through the house,
Excitement is high—of course there’s no mouse!
Just the sound of my brain texting “Old year is past,
Imagine new opportunities vast!”

My stocking once hung from the mantle with care,
Is back on the foot that was formerly bare.
The sun shining brightly has dispelled the fog,
A very good thing as it looked like eggnog!

Another good meal is about to be served,
From left-overs that were carefully preserved.
The reheated dishes from holiday fare,
Account for the wonderful smells in the air.

It’s been a very productive year,
And I’m sure we’ll do even more, no fear.
As life is uncertain with no guarantee,
Please know how I value what you are to me.

Make time to remember, take time to renew,
It’s a brand new page for the you-who-is-you!

So here is my wish for this upcoming yearspend quality time with those you hold dear.

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