Monday, January 15, 2018

Three Styles of Adult Attachment, 2

An Avoidant (B) attachment style is characterized by avoiding others and closeness with others. Contributors to an Avoidant attachment style include being raised in a cold or rejecting environment, if not punitive and outright abusive. Due to the emotional pain loaded into the child’s brain, the adult struggles with issues of security, closeness, and trust. They search for safety by “avoiding” close relationships, settling for superficial connections and/or a “friends with benefits” sexual alliance that is basically devoid of deep sharing and commitment. The Secure (C) attachment style is characterized by a tendency to find it easier to develop and maintain close relationships. It is more likely to be achieved by those who grew up in a supportive environment with a responsive parent or parents. In some studies 55%, of respondents indicated that they came from this type of environment. That leaves 45% who reported they did not experience this type of supportive and responsive environment during their growing-up years. Presumably, therefore, they would fall into either the Anxious attachment style or the Avoidant attachment style in adulthood. 

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