Thursday, January 4, 2018

Brain Defrazzled, 3

“Defrazzled? Is that a word?” Of course! It describes a state of being neither weary nor exhausted nor anxious nor distressed. I’ve been using it for several years whether or not it’s listed in any dictionary. And then there’s the word defrazzle. After all, if you can frazzle you can take steps to defrazzle. That’s what I did when I finally got the picture of how to live a healthier Longevity Lifestyle. Defrazzle, Defrazzled, Defrazzlement . . . I could go on. Anyway, these words make me laugh. When I became serious about defrazzling (there’s another one), I bit the bullet with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote: The ancestor of every action is a thought. What were my thoughts? Basically, the critical importance of trying to meet—if not exceed—expectations, including trying to keep everyone happy (which can never happen) whether or not that allowed for my life to stay in balance. I had to de-link from those all-too-predictable expectations. And an ounce of think-ahead prevention turned out to be worth 100 pounds of cure after the fact.

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