Monday, January 29, 2018

Brain as a Computer

When I present brain-function information to young people some of their questions make it quite obvious that they think the human brain is very like a computer. Typically, I quote a comment by Richard Restak MD. It goes like this: “The brain is NOT like a computer… But if the brain is not like a computer, then what is it like? What kind of model can we form in regard to its functioning? I believe there's only one answer to that question, and perhaps it will disturb you: there is no model of the brain, nor will there ever be. That's because the brain, as the constructor of all models, transcends all models. The brain's uniqueness stems from the fact that nowhere in the known universe is there anything even remotely resembling it.” Since the brain was here long before computers (and computers were created by human brains) some might ask if computers can replicate some of the functions of the brain or in any way is like a brain. It turns out that brains and computers do have some similarities. More tomorrow.

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