Friday, January 19, 2018

Brain and Happiness

Bottom line: the #1 predictor of happiness is an ability to develop a loving relationship with another human being, loving him or her and being loved in return. “Knowing oneself” is critical here. If you have an Anxious (A) attachment style or an Avoidant (B) attachment style, doing some family-of-origin work can help you identify past trauma(s), giving you an opportunity to grieve and recover—opening yourself up to the possibility of a secure and loving relationship and being willing to take the risk. Even if you have a Secure (C) attachment style, there are times when you may feel insecure. Doing the same kind of investigation and recovery work can enhance your adult attachment relationship. Accessing willpower to help you “imagine” yourself as secure, loving, and loved can help you risk developing a healthy relationship and doing what it takes to enhance and maintain that relationship. 

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