Friday, March 9, 2018

Aging Paradox

More and more research is suggesting how physical health, diet, and genetics relate to longevity. Recently, researchers from three countries (USA, Italy, Switzerland) decided to try and identify any special traits that help individuals stay healthier and live longer. The study centered in Cilento, a rural area of r southern Italy. Cilento is noted for an unusually high proportion of the population who live to age 90 and beyond. Out of a total population of 60,000 there are about 2000 people over age hundred. Participants were recruited from nine villages in the region (29 participants ages 90-101 plus 51 relatives aged 51-75. Evaluative measure included Established measures were used to rate the physical and mental well-being of all participants. Older participants completed questionnaires and were interviewed about their beliefs and the events of their lives. The 51 relatives answered questions about the personalities of the 90-plus group. To be continued ...

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