Thursday, March 29, 2018

Core Emotion of Fear

Fear is signal that you may be facing some type of danger, a situation that may be unsafe. Fear provides energy to take appropriate protective action for yourself and/or for others, especially those you love. Again, in many cultures, males are socialized to avoid fear, exhibiting it often as anger; while females are socialized to be somewhat fearful, exhibiting it as fear or as sadness and expecting someone else to “protect them.”

Without fear you may be unable to protect yourself or your loved ones adequately. When unmanaged, fear can kill ideas, undermine confidence, suppress the immune system, and escalate into phobias and/or immobilization

This is a tricky emotion, however, as imagined danger triggers the stress response in the same way as does actual fear. Imagined fear can create immobility. This points out the importance of identifying imagined fears (and everyone has some!) and resolving/dealing with them. More tomorrow.

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