Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Core Emotion of Anger

Used correctly, anger is a very valuable core emotion. It is a signal that one or more of your boundaries have been invaded (e.g., mental, physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, social, financial…). Anger provides energy to create, implement, reassess/reset appropriate personal limits. Without the ability to identify and manage anger appropriately, you may lack the motivation and energy to take appropriate corrective action, or you may become complacent and begin to tolerate the intolerable

Unmanaged, anger can lead to bitterness, suppressed immune system, cardiovascular problems, illness, injury, and even death

In many cultures males are socialized to believe that anger is a male prerogative, while females are socialized to repress their anger (because it is not “nice” and is “unfeminine), exhibiting it as fear or sadness. This can lead to females tolerating dysfunctional and abusive environments. More tomorrow.

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