Wednesday, March 21, 2018

EQ – 6

Many grew up believing that emotions were negative and if they didn’t exist how much better life would be. Not so. All core emotions are believed to be positive and three are considered “protective.” Think of an analog clock. Without an energy source, the hands of the clock would fail to move. Without emotions to provide information and energy, you likely would be “motionless” as well. However, you can experience each core emotion and receive the information it provides without emoting (e.g., giving expression to it or taking any action). Emotions are very powerful. Dr. Pert said that when you are in the grip of a strong emotion, you are in a biochemically-altered state. Although emotional impulses arise in the 2nd brain (Mammalian) layer, there likely is no dedicated emotion center. When triggered, emotions arise nearly simultaneously in brain and body cells. More tomorrow.

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