Friday, March 30, 2018

Core Emotion of Sadness

Sadness is a signal that you have experienced some type of loss. provides energy to grieve losses, heal past woundedness, and recover (feel better). Without identifying and managing sadness you may fail to recover from your losses and/or grieve successfully. Sadness may or may not involve tears.

In many cultures males are socialized to repress loss and sadness, which can result in the development of a slush fund of ungrieved and unresolved loss and sadness. Down the line when a small loss occurs, the male may over-react as the slush fund rushed forward and engulfs them. Females often receive a type of reward for being in a state of sadness (e.g., comfort and attention from their support system).

Unmanaged, sadness can suppress immune system functions, interfere with critical brain functions, decrease levels of serotonin, increase one's risk for depression and/or immobility, and lead to apathy.

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