Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Brain and EQ

During a recent Brain Conference there were several questions from the audience about EQ or Emotional Intelligence. Apparently that genre of information is less well known than I thought. And it is worth 80% of a person’s success in life according to the Success Quotient or SQ. That formula reads like this: Your IQ + your EQ = your SQ. IQ and EQ do not contribute equally to your SQ, however. IQ is said to contribute about 20% while EQ contributes 80% if not more. Therefore, most people can be very successful in life based on their level of EQ (and not necessarily based on their IQ). Think of Forrest Gump in the movie by that name. His IQ was likely high 70's or low 80. Most likely his EQ was of the charts. Interestingly, Gump gave his mother all the credit for what he had learned. Which points out that while IQ potentials are inherited (likely from your opposite gender parents), EQ is learned. That's good news! More tomorrow.

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