Monday, March 5, 2018

Recovering from FOMO

According to researcher Andrew Przybylski, the fear of missing out likely has to do with people's ability to self-regulate and focus on the moment. For people who feel very secure in their relationships, their relationships are important to them, but they don't feel compelled to always be connected. Social media may not create the tendency, but it likely exacerbates it by making sharing so easy. I remember talking about fomo with a group of individuals and one of them commented, “Well, you don’t need to worry about fomo. You’ve got a life.” I could not help laughing. “You’re correct,” I replied. “Fomo is not a lifestyle I choose to live. I do have a life but likely I wouldn’t if I spent much time on social media or on trying to keep up with anyone else. Balance in critical.” “So what do I do?” the individual asked. “I know I have fomo big time.” That got me thinking, as interactions with others usually does. I suggested the individual answer several questions. More tomorrow.

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