Friday, March 23, 2018

EQ – 8

Clear scientific evidence exists that facial expressions registering at least joy, anger, fear, and sadness are inborn and may be seen on the face of a fetus during gestation, depending on what the mother is experiencing internally and externally in the environment. You may be able to picture these more easily if you imagine you are standing on a rug on which is written the word Apathy—in front of a set of 5 stairs labeled “The Emotions Staircase.” Apathy is not thought to be an emotion in and of itself. Rather, apathy can result when the brain is in a state of emotional overwhelm due to mismanagement of the three protective emotions or a misunderstanding of euphoria. The first step is labelled “Sadness.” The second step is “Fear.” The third step is “Anger.” The fourth step is “Joy.” And the fifth step is “Euphoria. Metaphorically imagine you climb these step steps until you reach “joy.” Stop on the Joy Step.

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