Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmas Is Past

The 25th has come and gone for another year. As you look toward the New Year, what it is that you want, are hoping for, would like to have happen? An early chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Renewed opportunity to travel? A project that had to be put on hold? Getting to visit in groups once again? Going to a restaurant and getting to eat indoors? No longer standing in line to even get into a store to shop? Are you thinking about New Year’s Resolutions or are they not on your agenda? Actually, I make two resolutions on New Year’s Day, the same ones every year. They go like this: 

 Arlene, you are alert to new brain-health research and implement anything that is healthier.

Arlene, you do random acts of kindness that make a positive difference in someone’s life.
Sometimes it only takes one contact, one act of kindness, one word to alter the course of a person’s life. That has happened to me and I like to pay forward the good things that I have experienced. Being part Irish, I enjoy stories about Ireland. I recall reading about one encounter that changed the life of an Irish lad. It was in a piece entitled ‘Clarke's Prize’ by Carl McRoy. 


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