Thursday, December 17, 2020

Physical Touch


Touch is part of the kinesthetic system, which also includes a keen perception of temperature, odors, the feeling of clothing against the skin, and some types of perfume. Perfume is a bit tricky because their sense of smell is usually very acute and they like or dislike and odor quite quickly. For people in your own household, you can usually tell how they respond to touch. It needs to be gentle, caring, and genuinely affectionate. They recognize non-affirming touch very quickly. You are often ahead of the game to give them a gift certificate for clothing, as they tend to wear only what feels good against their skin. Some kinesthetics love to get a massage and a gift certificate for a massage is often well received. If you already know the type of soap fragrance or even perfume they prefer, you are ahead of the game. Physical distancing has put a crimp into physical touch as for the 20 percent of the population believed to be kinesthetic, this can be even painful. If they like satin pillowcases, they make a nice gift. Some kinesthetics really like the new “weighted blankets.” If so, that’s another option.

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