Thursday, December 24, 2020

Quality Time

For a person with this love language, quality time is beyond compare. It is the only thing you an give another individual that no one else can give—your time. Perhaps it is chatting over lunch, or visiting over tea and crumpets, or going on a bike ride together, collaborating on a project, or cooking a meal together. Quality time requires that you are in the moment, present, and focused on the other person. I turn off my iPhone or let it go to voice mail if I am giving quality time. It is just a little signal that right now that individual is the most important person in the world to you. You know how you feel when you looked forward to chatting with someone and every time the phone whines or beeps or rings or squeaks, he or she picks up, regardless of where you were in the conversation. Known as phubbing, it signals that they think someone else is much more important that you are at that moment. Again, if you know the other person’s sensory preference, try to link quality time with their visual, auditory, or kinesthetic sense.

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