Monday, December 21, 2020

Odortype-Perfume LInk

Does your odortype impact how perfume and aftershave scents work on your body versus another’s body? The general consensus seems to be ‘yes,’ at least at some level, although with newer methods of preparation perhaps not as much as it used to be. Nevertheless, a study by Andrew McDougall, a leading scientist, concluded that people pick their perfume not only for its fragrance but also for how it will interact with their underlying body odor. Many factors can impact how a specific fragrance smells in combination with your own chemical makeup, so selecting a fragrance by sniffing the bottle does not tell you how that scent will smell on your skin. Factors may include the ambient temperature in the environment as well as your own body temperature, gender, race, medications you may be taking, what you eat, whether or not you are perspiring, if your skin is dry or normal or oily, if you have used lotion prior to spraying on a fragrance or splashing on aftershave, and so on. The scent tends to change over the course of time, too, meaning that the scent of the fragrance initially may be quite different from how it smells a couple hours later. This is one reason that purchasing perfume or aftershave for someone else is dicey unless you know what they already like.

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