Friday, December 25, 2020

Happy Holidays 2020

It’s the 25th and here in my house
A creature is stirring—a Logitech mouse,
There could be a real mouse creeping around,
But way down the hill where grasses abound.

My computer just died—the timing was bad!
Moreover a crash never makes me feel glad.
My replacement laptop now boasts a webcam,
And has lots more ram—so happy I am!

Holiday wishes shared by zoom, 
Is rather unique for some, I presume.
However, the welcome virtual hugs, 
Reduce a potential for any humbugs.

Stockings once hung from the mantelpiece
Are now on my feet, warmed by fleece.
The uncertainty of both heat and light, 
Make socks and candles a welcome sight.
This year’s table will seat only three,
Family of choice, such good company.
My mouth is already watering,
For traditional dishes and seasoning.

 Familiar music sounds good to my ear,
Rewarding my senses—but never fear
So do the dishes of holiday fare,
That throw their aromas into the air. 

On the door hangs a fragrant evergreen wreath,
With golden bells hanging around and beneath.
The presents are ready, we did prepare,
To let others know that we really do care.

The gifts we exchange are less tangible ones—
Like joy and affection with laughter and puns.
Plus quality time—it’s the only thing,
You alone can give—how fascinating!

On Boxing Day, old tradition of yore,
There’ll be food giveaways as always before.
Along with gifts wrapped and ready to share
With those whose tree is just a mite bare.

With all its faults social media can,
Connect us together across earth’s span.
Whether one, or several, or just a few,
I wish the best for each one of you.

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