Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Words of Affirmation

One definition of affirmation is simply a positive statement, declaration, assertion, or proclamation. Individuals with an auditory sensory preference like to “hear” and/or “read” words of affirmation. For example, you might make a short verbal recording on your smart phone listing several specific things that you value about that person. He or she can listen to it as often as they want. Or you can write a card or an email and state the same thing in writing. Interestingly, studies have shown that when you know a person well and receive something from them in writing, you may hear their voice in your head as you read, especially if you have an auditory preference. If the person loves music and has a special artist or song that gives them a lift, find a recording and send it to them with a note that you know they like listening to this, etc. You could also get them a book on a topic they are interested in—paperback or audiobook. The audiobook would allow the person to just relax and listen and not even have to read! 

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